Kler is a privately owned contract manufacturer that specializes in men’s high end casual and classic shirts in both woven and knitted fabrics and combinations of the two. Production takes place in a new four-storey factory, laid out in a surface area of 5600 m2.

The factory is on the highway between Tirana and Durres, a major shipping and transportation hub 30 minutes away. The factory and its land are owned by Emira Hoxha who is Kler’s General Manager and completely devoted to quality shirt manufacture.

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The company prides itself on its

high quality make
quick turn-around capacity
convenient location to EU fabric markets
competitive pricing with a low cost of labor
low minimum orders

General description

Kler is currently a CMT (using limited trims) maker; thus it receives from its client, fabric, special trims and labels, and packing supplies. Kler cuts, makes, presses and packs. It has a large warehouse facility on its premises.

The final product, in any required packaged form, can be purchased ex-factory or F.O.B. delivered to a client selected transporter in Tirana or Durres.


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