About us

Kler is currently a CMT (using limited trims) maker; thus it receives from its client, fabric, special trims and labels, and packing supplies. Kler cuts, makes, presses and packs. It has a large warehouse facility on its premises. The final product, in any required packaged form, can be purchased ex-factory or F.O.B. delivered to a client selected transporter in Tirana or Durres.

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The company manufactures for high end Italian shirt brands including Brancaccio C., Alex Doriani, UrbanBlue, Cristiana C., and also works directly with its branded clients.

Our clients

The production

The company has many production lines and a cutting facility. The daily production capacity is 2.200-3.000 units. Kler produces a total of 560.000-600.000 shirts each year.

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